To dog, or not to dog. That is the question.


Juan and I are having a little discussion lately about adopting a dog. He is not too excited about it and has put requirements on which type of dog we get (basically that it could travel in-cabin on an airplane). So, after a quick familiarization of all animal adoption websites in Spain I find a cute chihuahua cross, Chipirón, in nearby Sevilla. Juan himself filled out the questionaire and we even got as far as meeting the pup on the way back from Córdoba this weekend. Now he is not so sure about adding another responsibility to his life.

Growing up my mom never wanted any pets in the house. She was allergic to our cat Sammy and didn’t want any more animals. My dad on the other hand always had a dog growing up and he probably wanted the same for his children. So, late one night mom was browsing the classifieds and found an ad for adorable puppies. All she had to do was read it once for him! Dad and I were out the door in a matter of minutes and that night Midnight entered the MacNeil family. He was truly an amazing dog. Every dog I have met since has been compared to the balance stick of Midnight. This dog climbed chainlink fences,  he barked furiously at any approaching stranger,  he nudged your arm for attention, he always defended ‘his kids’, he travelled well, he let us kids know if we were being too loud, and much, much more. He was the poster boy for unconditional love.
For now I think I am losing the battle.

Dad, I should have payed closer attention to you. I should have taken that window of time and pushed to send the questionaire and contract immediately.

Chipirón, you hansome little guy. I hope you find a great family to take care of you. Sooner or later I will take you off the desktop of the computer as your photo is breaking my heart.

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