Yoga and Olives

Yesterday was our first session of yoga on the beach. I must say it was fantastic. Our eccentric landlord, Manuel, is teaching us, he is our hairdresser too (he also built our apartment by hand)!

The first session was too cold to go to the beach so we stayed at home and learned how to breath from our bellies. Or, I should say I learned how to do that because Juan (star of the class) rocked it! Yesterday’s class we learned how to do Sun Salutation (check out: and we did some streching. Manuel does about 45 minutes of stretching every morning before he starts his day. I think that is amazing. He is 46 and he has so much energy!

It was amazing to do the sun salutation just as the sun was setting on the water. I love taking advantage of living on the coast, who knows how long we will be here.

This week I had to buy a yoga mat. I found one at a 20 duro shop (dollar store) and I got to practise my arabic! It is really cute and has a strap and everything. Since it cost 4 euros I already have to stich up something though.

I am going to learn how to make olives! Yep, my suegro (English speak: father-in-law) is going to teach me how. I bought a 15 liter plastic container with a plastic spoon to keep them in. Soon we will go to the market and buy raw olives. They will have to be put through a crushing machine and then I am sure there are a bunch of other steps. In Canada I didn’t like olives. Here they are yummy and have so much more variety than just green or black.

So my goals for today are to: 1) finish writing a test and send it off to Canada 2) relax and do the sun salutation 3) make refried beans (yum!) 4) research olive spices (do you think I can make better olives than my father-in-law?)


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