Skinny Jeans

I did it.

skinny jeans

After much thought I went ahead and bought a pair. I am so happy with them, I am wearing them right now. I will try and add a picture when Juan comes home. Ok done. Can you believe he didn’t want to take my picture becuase of my Michael Jackson-esque socks? Like it or not people, the 80’s are back!



4 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans

  1. Skinny jeans eh? I want to, i really want to, but canI? I don’t know. I am a late adopter. We’ll see. I will go to the GAP and try a pair on.

  2. Just read through the whole blog, Love it. I can’t beleive that is your life. It’s so different. it suits you. Miss you, not as much now that I get to see you and hear about you.

  3. Hi Lindsay! I’ve been reading your blog everyday. Very nice!
    The skinny jeans look so cute on you. I really would love a pair, but I keep thinking…oh I just need to lose 5 lbs to look good in them. I think they look really nice with fitted long shirts, but I never wear fitted/long shirts…soooooooo…
    Hey, the 80’s really are back in!!! Did you know that PERMS are back in style too????


  4. Oh go for it girls! Try them on and see, it won’t hurt!

    Lor, I totally understand about the late adopter thing – I thought capri pants weren’t going to last. It took a while before I went out and bought a pair. Man was I wrong. Today I am wearing a pair with tights and cute shoes.

    Trace, to celebrate the first time wearing the skinny jeans I wore blue eyeliner! BLUE Ok, I haven’t got eyeshadow yet, but I think it comes pretty close, eh! (it’s a big change from the traditional brown or black)

    I will be taking time in Madrid to do some hard core shopping! Long sweaters and leggings it is ladies, oh and maybe one of those Kurt Cobain button up cardigans! You wouldn’t beleive the shopping here, it is simply amazing and the prices aren’t bad.

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