Un café solo, por favor.

I enjoy a great cup of coffee just as much as the next person. Scratch that. I LOVE a well-brewed expresso. Everyone has their own idea about who makes the best café, so let me share mine!


For me excellent coffee for is defined in one word: illy. Yum, I get excited just thinking about it. Like most brands of coffees I can savor a cup at home or in my favorite bar.

Unlike most Canadians I really can’t stand Tim Horton’s coffee. Family genes dictated that I should like a Timmy’s double double; and for many years I did. Now I can’t stand the smell of milk in my coffee. And without sugar it tastes like brown water to me. I need something stronger in a smaller dose. That’s what living in Europe does to you, and let me tell you, it’s not that bad.

Although it is easily availible in many bars, I prefer my petite café at home in bed with my husband. You see, in marrying me he has been through a rigorous training process of becoming my personal barista! He says he enjoys seeing my face come alive with the first sniff of coffee. I sorta believe him.

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