Hola Madrid

So, you ever just get an itch to go somewhere in an instant? Well, that’s what happened to me on Sunday. You see ever since we returned to Spain I talked about going to visit my “cuñados” in Madrid.  (that’s brother and sister in-laws for you English folks)  They are actually in the process of moving to Córdoba as that is where Jose works. That means Maria is alone in Madrid in their apartment during the week. Since I haven’t spent much time in the city and since European capitals are so fascinating anyway I thought it would be fun.

Back to Sunday morning. All week I had been writing hard. That mornng we woke up late. After a couple of sips of coffee I decided instantly that I was going to Madrid as soon as possible. I told Juan as I grabbed the phone and started dialing Maria’s number. Within a couple of minutes everything was set. Not too long later I was on an eight-hour bus trip to the capital of Spain with my trusty guidebook in hand.

So, here I am. This is my excuse for not updating my blog, this is the nearest I have gotten to a computer.

I won’t be posting any photos this week probably, but I should when we get back to Conil. Oh ya, Juan told me yesterday he was following me here! I love that man. He will be here on Thursday!

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