Madrid part 2

So, I have been in Madrid a few days now I know I would be curious what I was up to if I was reading this blog.

Maria, may sister in law is an amazing host. I met her after she finished work and after bringing my suitcase up to the apartment we decided to head out for a walk.

Ok, they live in the most amazing location of Madrid – just off the Gran Vía. This central location puts me right in the center of Madrid, walking distance to everything anyone would want to see.

So what have I been doing? A lot of walking and I love it.

Yesterday I went to the Museo del Prado, Starbucks, a Turkish restaurant, another coffee shop and then the Circus – Cirque du Soleil. We saw the show Alegria, it was so great!

Today I think I shall shop.

Tomorrow we have plans to pick up Juan and go out for tapas.

On Friday evening Juan and I will head out to a nearby city called Segovia. Juan’s great aunt Consuelo lives there so I know we will have a good time. We will return to Madrid on Saturday.

On Sunday we will go to the flea market and either drive home on Sunday, dropping off Jose in Córdoba or Monday.

I love travelling and I am so happy I decided to come.

4 thoughts on “Madrid part 2

  1. Lindsay!
    This is an amazing BLOG… isn’t it fun??

    You crossed my mind the other day and I wondered what you were up to!
    It sounds like you are living in the movie “under the tuscan sun!” . You are a beautiful writer, I loved that about the Flamingo Man!

    Through your writing, I can smell the ocean and the sun! Yes, the sun!
    As I sit here and watch the sky get darker… not the sun set as it was overcast and rainy… but the sky is dark and it is only 2:16pm!!!!

    Anyway, Keep up the blogging, I want to live vicariously through your words!


  2. Lindsay,
    Sounds like a nice few days. Lovin’ the blog, lovin’ hearing about your life. Would love to be travelling with you. Maybe some day. Maybe when I am like 50, but hey, it’s never too late right?

    Lindsay, are your parents going to come to visit you anytime? Do you celebrate Christ mas there, the same way we do?

  3. Hi Laura,
    so far so good. I like sharing my life like this. You do a great job writing as well! I would love to write like you. I haven’t seen under the tuscan sun yet, we will rent it!

    Anytime you want to come to Spain the offer is open! There is a bunch of sun to share, beautiful flamenco music and men with accents! We would love to have Canadian visitors (but you have to bring maple syrup, ok)!

    Take care! I miss Ottawa.


  4. Lori,
    when Juan and I went to Torremolinos (near Marbella) a few weekends ago I drove up by myself (3 hrs). I was thinking about you and how fun it would be to have you as my sidekick. I would pack goodies, fun music and we could make stops – just like the St. Catherines trip years ago. We would wear our sun glasses and belt out the tunes!

    Oh that would be fun. And no, it would NEVER be too late! (what a great 50th birthday present)

    Ok, you take care. In a few days I will make a post all about Christmas in Spain as per your suggestion.

    Oh yeah, my parents are coming in the spring! I can’t wait.


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