Ladies and Gentlemen …

I am inside the house and my ankles are cold. It is almost nine o’clock (pm).

This is an unfortunate circumstance for me as if of my extremities are chilled I am reduced to a pile of shivers! What good is a husband for if not to place my cold body parts on his warm parts in desperate hopes to steal his heat? Ok, he is good for much much more than that (and he knows it) but sometimes I have a one-track mind: find warmth!

In my little attico the temperature reads 13 degrees on my clock/calendar/thermometer thing, which came from Canada, and I wish to add, and I am still not quite sure how it got here in the two large backpacks we brought and Juanito still makes fun of me for bringing my grandmother’s cutlery! Ok, so last night my father-in-law informed me that it got down to 4 degrees last night! Ack. I should inform you, my Canadian readers, lest you assume that I am fortunate enough to have centrally heated houses like you, that well, this is not the case. In addition to being thirteen degrees inside my house I am surrounded by billows of smoke (hows that for exaggeration!). There was a little trouble getting the chimney started this evening. I should also add that we are lucky to have a chimney, Juanito’s parents don’t!

I am currently bundled up in four layers, dear readers! We sleep with an oil radiator and we close our door (if there is an emergency mid-night pee we have to re-dress completely and bravely face the ice-cold toilet seat).

Another thing, haha. To use hot water in our house we must light the heater! Juanito turned to me and said, as he was making omelettes for dinner “If I knew my hands would be this cold after washing the vegetables I wouldn’t have agreed to make dinner.”

This is getting funny isn’t it! I can imagine it now; some non-descript friend, family member, or stranger is sitting comfortably back in their first-world armchair now and starts thinking to themselves ” You know, I was starting to get jealous of her new life in southern Spain.” Too soon, my friend, too soon. In this area of Spain the residents don’t even think to prepare for the two months of cold they receive each year! They think that all the world (which gets cold) “suffers” like them. I can’t even think about what they must think Canada at -30 is like!

My husband, before he lived in Canada, Ireland and England once wore a garbage bag to bed to conserve heat!

So, to answer Juan’s question today: Yes, I live in much more cold here in Spain than I ever have in Canada.

Oh, and during the day in the sun, sheltered from the wind, it still gets up to 20 degrees! I think I got a tan today.


2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen …

  1. Wow, that is amazing. I really did not know that. Do you remember the freezing cold toilet seat I had at circle square ranch? Remember, I made you sit on it because you actually got a little rush from the shock of it.

    Anyways, it’s weird to think of central heat as a luxury. But I guess it really is.

    Sometimes when I read your blog I think you are speaking a different language. I just don’t understand all the different lingo, but i think it’s so cool. You have always been one of the coolest chicks I know. You and Cassie.

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