Spanish Surprises

This summer I was walking along in Cádiz and what do I find but a video rental store called Canadian. I had to stop and pose. I hadn’t been out of Canada for two weeks when I found it! There is also a bar on the beach in Chiclana called Olé Canadá (translation: Yeah Canada) run by, you guessed it, Canadians. They don’t seem to have a website as I did a search and the closest I got was Olé por Camarón who is one of the most well-known flamenco singers. (for those of you who read the short Wiki bio of Camarón de la Isla you might be interested in knowing that “la Isla” refers to the city San Fernando which is really close to where we live)

canadian video store

Since I have downloaded the pictures from my trip to Madrid I would like to share this photo. Madrid has this location (latitude /longitude) which is quite similar to Pittsburgh, PA. What I would like to know is does Pittsburgh still have flowers growing at the end of November, because Madrid does?

Madrid, Spain 40 26 N 3 42 W
Pittsburgh, Pa. 40 27 79 57

flowers in november

Olive update: they should be ready to eat in a few days! I have pictures and a “how-to” to post.
I am going to sign off now because the blinking line which tells me where I am going to write has disappeared and it is now a frustrating process, trying to count spaces.

2 thoughts on “Spanish Surprises

  1. hi there!

    great start linds…i’m favoriting this one…i can see the pic of u in front of the store but it’s small (p.s…i remember seeing Ole Canada when i was there…i was also dreaming about Cadiz last night…)

    keep writing for all us Canadians who dream of being able to share some tapas and wine with you and Juan!


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