And we ate …

… and ate, and ate!

 I need a break!

Juan and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at his parent’s house. It was a lot of food and fun!

My in-laws are amazing cooks! Both of them have amazing talents in the kitchen. In fact, they each have their own kitchen – they live in the same house!

This Christmas my mother-in-law made a very yummy tropical salad (with crab, walnuts, membrillo, lettuce, corn, jalepeño and more!) and curry rice (mmmm, curry).

My father-in-law made a huge fish called boriquette with potatoes and a special sauce, as well as steak medallions with green peppercorn cream sauce.

We also ate shrimp which were the length of my index finger down to the bottom of my hand and at least as fat as two of my fingers together!

For dessert we had turrones (Christmas marzipan ect.) and a cake!

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