Hello! My Name is Reyes


I am the newest edition to the Moreno MacNeil household.

My veterinarian says I am a healthy greyhound (galgo) between 8-11 years! A true lady never tells her age (nor pees on cement) …

I am very happy to be living here in Conil – I am a big fan of the beach! Originally I am from Córdoba – Juan and Lindsay found me wandering around in a  downtown park all alone.  I am no longer useful for hunting, so I was abandoned (and I couldn’t have found a better place to live!).

I love car rides and rolling in the grass. Most of all I love to be pet, I have already trained my humans to do this whenever I walk up to them.  I probably sleep more than any other dog you have ever seen – ahh retirement is great!


4 thoughts on “Hello! My Name is Reyes

  1. Lindsay,

    greyhounds are the BEST dogs a person can ever get (aside from my dumb yorkie maltese mix puppy) lol. i’m sure that you’ll envoy Reyes!!! She’s very cute!

  2. WOW, I knew you were a fan from the comment you left on my Blog! Good for you!

    She is so beautiful!

  3. I love this dog even more (if possible)! I gave her a bath today and she didn’t fuss at all! In fact she just started leaning on the side of the tub, with the saddest face of course! Now she smells pretty – yeah! Fleas are gone, we just have to give her eye drops for a sore she has and soon she will be as good as new.

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