• Our second mini red usb mouse in a month has died! We use a laptop so it’s not a big deal, but still. 😦

• My husband is sick and has been since Wednesday. He feels like crap and I feel bad for him.

• It is raining and I have laundry outside.

• It is 12:30 pm and I can’t sleep. Lately I haven’t been able to fall asleep at a decent time (like before 3am or later).

Since J is asleep I think I need to hug to the dog. 🙂 Goodnight

4 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. Lyndsay…I hope the rest of the week only gets better for you!

    … at least your computer didn’t die! Or your dog! (then you’d have nobody to hug right now)
    …If your husband is sick, then that means he is alive to be sick!!! Yay! If he weren’t alive, then he couldn’t be sick :o)
    …mmmm, the wet laundry outside really sucks BUT at least it’s not snowing!!!!
    …you can’t sleep. Well, that’s a bummer. Do you work in the morning? Hey, I never asked you – where do you work? Do you work?

    Talk to you later Lyndsay.

    Oh one more question. Did you take your husband’s last name or are you still McNeil?

    t – x

    p.s: Keep your pretty little chin up! :o)

  2. Hi Tracy,

    I do have a lot to be thankful for, thanks for your encouragement! Wallowing doesn’t do me any good.

    I never did change my name, I am still a MacNeil. Women in Spain don’t change their name, they keep their two last names (one from the father and one from the mother) that they were born with. It is kinda a hassle anyway, no? Good thing I always liked MacNeil, even though I thought I would always change it if I got married.
    Yeah, I am not some kind of feminist – just suffer from a concoction of weird cultural-isms.

    I have a story for you on a side note, to help explain last names and spanish customs. The first last name (thats the last name they got from their fathers) of both my sister-in-law and brother-in law is Moreno, so if they decide to have children their kids names will look like this: First Name, Middle Name, Moreno Moreno. Cool hey! It is like when I was in high school I had a classmate called Mohamed Mohamed!

  3. Lindsay,
    I did not know that you didn’t take Juan’s name? You got married in Canada not Spain though right? So you are still Lindsay Mac Neil. Or is it Lindsay Mac Neil Moreno?

    Do the names just keep adding on? If so I would be Lori Ann Lawrence Eitze Boucher.

    Do you know your grandma’s Maiden name? I don’t know Either of mine?

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