rambled thoughts, or, it is Monday

I like waking up early. Ok, maybe that isn’t 100% true. I like having time in the morning to get things done, like working, laundry, walking the pup, and other stuff. This morning the first thing I didn when I got out of bed was hang wet laundry and put in a load of whites. Now I am checking my e-mails, starting a writing job and posting on my blog. It is not even 10, I feel so productive.

There are a couple of things on my mind today. Firstly, I am thinking about my grandma. She is in the hospital after blacking out because of heart trouble. The doctors want to put in a pacemaker! The last time I saw her she seemed so little and frail to me that I can’t imagine them wanting to do this hugely invasive procedure. They want to do it so that she won’t black out anymore in the future, possibly breaking a hip or something equally painful. Wow, there are so many things that can happen to you when you get older, it sucks. They say these irregularities might be caused by the medication she was taking.

Reyes was sick last night. Poor lady threw up! Today she is getting a bland diet of rice and fish. It was a surprise as she hasn’t had any problems since coming to us – including liqui-poo or anything. Last week we started her on a raw diet – which is a balance of raw bones, meat, organs and veggies. She loved it, cracking bones with her back teeth! I hope she gets better soon.

In a little over a month my parents are coming to visit. This will be their first time in Spain. They also want to see Morocco. We are so happy they are coming, it is gonna be fun to have them here! Soon after they leave good friends of ours from Ottawa are coming, Ang and Cam! They have this awesome timeshare that they are staying at for a weeke and then they are all ours! We can’t wait to have them here as well!

These next few months are gonna be fun. Carnaval is right around the corner as well. Juan’s cousin Javi is gonna stay with us for the first weekend! Yeah!

Juan is finally better, although since he was sick he has started sweating profusely at night when he sleeps. Eww! It has ruined our late night cuddling! Weird eh?

This pic was taken when Juan was sick on his old cell phone.
my babies

4 thoughts on “rambled thoughts, or, it is Monday

  1. Sorry about your grand mother, I hope she will be ok soon. It´s hard because as older you get more posibilities of getting health problems.
    Any way your going to get so much share time with your guets.
    🙂 kisses four you two and Reyes, Sana Culito de rana.

  2. vale! he encantado leer tu blog! yo tambien estoy ilusionado con Sacre Coeur! me gusta mucho andar por Montmarte y el Barrio Latino. los crepes … mmmm (con nutella, claro)!

    Maybe instead of Barcelona the girls should go to Paris, or both!

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