I was reading Tracy’s blog and I was going to comment on her latest post but then I thought I would just make it into my own post!

Tracy asks many questions about the state of your home and having guests over.  Personally I love having guests over to our house! I wish more people would come and visit! I love cooking and entertaining. The last guests we had were, in my opinion, perfect guests. They were an American couple that Juan and I met in Morocco when we lived there. I think they felt at ease quickly because Fazia started cooking in my kitchen the very next night (we still think about her pumpkin soup)! Growing up in our house we always had guests over and most felt at home right away, I think this is where it all comes from. When we have people over I would like to have the house spotless, but this isn’t always feasable. I wouldn’t want to not invite someone over just because the floor isn’t swept. I don’t think anyone would judge us because of that either, but maybe I am wrong. If friends come over it is because they want to laugh, share a bottle of wine and talk!

By reading Tracy’s blog I am beinning to think we are opposites. I can’t stick to a recipe when I cook, I can leave the house in jogging pants and a ponytail and I don’t insist on a spotless house if I have guests over. (Tracy, if you are reading this I admire you and if you are not careful Juan might just send me over to your house for bootcamp).

3 thoughts on “houseguests

  1. Lindsay;
    This is a pretty interesting topic, eh.
    You’re right – I never realized how opposite we are either…but we really are. I admire your spontenaity. You’re so carefree! I love our differences though Lindsay, and I think it would be a pretty boring world if we were all alike. Don’t ya think!?


  2. Tracy, I think the world would be a lot better if there were more people like you in it! Difference is beautiful, it is true!
    I am carefree, but maybe my husband would appreciate knowing that I have thought about tonights dinner for a week. I dunno.

    I hope you have had a great fast!
    love ya,

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