I am better now!

Wow, our house has been an infestation of germs for a long time! Finally we are better!

Juan and I both got to go to the hospital during our sicknesses. Juan started out with a flu, and then he caught bronchitis. I unfortunately caught a pharyngitis after not catching his flu or bronchitis. Thanks to a doctor neighbor, we both got in for treatment without any troubles. You see I don’t have health insurance here yet, and Juan wasn’t sure about his Social Security status – so we could have been in real trouble. Spain isn’t like the US, where you can die on a hospital floor if you don’t have insurance, they are more like Canada, but they do like to know you can pay. So, we will probably be getting bills in the mail.

Hospitals are quite efficient in making sure you get all you analysis done quickly. Within fifteen minutes of walking in the door I had a chest x-ray, blood taken, and basic stats taken. Then you wait, like everywhere! Although the room that I waitied in (with a vintage glass bottle IV in my arm) included about 15 other people at at least all times. Some got beds, some got chairs (oh, I would have loved a bed). At least in Canada you are pretty much separated from everyone, at least with a sheet!

With our antibiotics finished we are finally ready to face the world. But it’s cold outside, so maybe we will wait till Monday…


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