Digressions on tile

So tonight, as I was washing the floor, I became quite pensive. Yes, it’s Saturday night and my activities consist of marinading shrimp and mopping a tile floor – sounds fun, I know! Just so you know, I have been drinking beer, so it really hasn’t been that bad!

My thoughts drifted to my mother-in-law as I was wisking the broom to-and-fro. Strangely, this is a common occurance as I wash our brown tiles (not something I do as often as I should, mind you). I say it is strange because I have probably seen her mop a floor twice in the years I have known her; it’s not a regular occurance for her as they have a maid. Most young brides have probably followed the same line of thought, though. Casually, I turned to my husband and asked him if he thought I was similar to his mother when she first got married.  It was in this very town my in-laws conceived my husband (they have shared on numerous occasions).

He laughed and I gathered my thoughts again. “They say most men marry women they consider to be similar to their mothers,” I quipped. He then asked me if I  thought my  sister-in-law was similar to his mother. His words were true.

As much as I differ from my friend Tracy my Mother-in-law and I are quite different. We really aren’t similar at all. I can imagine her as the girl in school who spoke her mind and made everyone laugh. Whereas I was in the shadows, never making any ripples, always there to listen.

I admire her. In Córdoba she proudly told family that I learn from her, and it’s true (we buy the same bleach after her reccomendation)! She has many qualities that I aspire to have as a great wife and mother.

Thinking about friends back home and their mother-in-laws I really don’t see that many similarities. Maybe that saying just isn’t true, or maybe it is and we are unable to see the resembence. 

I was mopping and marinading for our guests tomorrow, my in-laws.

4 thoughts on “Digressions on tile

  1. Lindsay,
    I think it’s true in a sense. I am not like Jason’s Mom in many ways, but in some ways I am. And I think I look a bit like her.

    Jason doesn’t think so.

  2. You were one of the people I was thinking of when I was thinking of mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws.
    You do look like her a bit, and maybe I do look like my mother in law too (as much as I could possibly look like a spaniard), we are both blonde! I think you and Joyce are similar in the facts that you are both kind, caring, confident, beautiful, strong, and amazing wives!

    You, Lori, are an amazing pastor’s wife! Your desire for connecting with people is apparent to any onlooker. You make me proud to call you a friend! When I was young I went to you for advice and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it now. I love you!!!

  3. Hey, Am I like my mother in law? I don´t think so, maybe i´m a little bit like my own mother… but fortunately you are like you are, and it´s very good and nice keep the advices that our mother in laws give us, but our our mother in law pretends, sometimes, to impose her opinion or her way of acting in almost cases.
    i can say that my husband is more similar to her mother than me or you.
    So Linds, Be like your, because, your are perfect.

  4. Maria, I think our men didn’t look for women like their mothers! It’s strange but I think we are both very different from their mom!
    You are like your mom, it is very sweet! Soon you will get to know my mom and you can tell me if I am like her (I think so).

    Love you!

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