Spring Cleaning

The parents are coming and we are cleaning! Our house isn’t typical, it is very original. Our guests have the choice of three rooms for sleeping (most choose the salon because it has the most space). We aren’t sure where the parents will be more comfortable sleeping: in our bedroom (the double bed), in the study (slightly smaller than a double), or in the salon (two singles). We’ll just have to wait till they get here to decide.

Until then, my hands will smell like bleach! Today I was washing the walls in our bedroom. This scared Reyes more than anything we have ever done before, including drying her fur with a hairdryer! In fact, yesterday she was in between my legs as I was holding a log for my father-in-law to cut with a chainsaw! I thought she was fearless. How could I dare move the furniture in our room without consulting her! She play bowed and almost barked in confusion! Oh, I love her!

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hi Lindsay, I’m sorry that I haven’t been leaving comments. I haven’t been spending all that much time on the blogs lately…a little here and there.
    I just wanted to say hello :o)
    Have fun cleaning! It’s a pain to do it but it feels so nice once it’s done, eh?
    When exactly are your parents coming? I suppose I could just scroll down to your previous entries, but I’m toooooo lazy!

    Love ya!
    PS: So nice that you found a dog that you love soooo much.

  2. Hey Tracy!
    I love your comments, but I think it is great you were fasting! It is an amazing thing to do, personally and spititually. I can’t wait to read any conclusions you reached from your blog absense!

    A good cleaning is nice to do every once in a while, I agree. (but only every once in a while!)

    My parents arrive in about a week! I really can’t wait to have them here! After they come, Ang and Cam come soon after too! I love guests.

    Reyes is a real sweety!!! Greyhounds are the best.

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