How to Tour Andalucia and Morocco

By: Lindsay MacNeil

My parents will be with us from February 23 – March 8.  We plan on showing them Spain and Morocco as well as possible in the short time they are here. I can’t wait to show them the street corner I met Juan on (ok, that sounds bad), a Moroccan medina, our cute apartment, Cádiz during carnaval and everything else here that I love.

Day 1: Arrive in Málaga – Drive home to eat and sleep in Conil

Day 2: Sierra Trip – Drive to the Cádiz mountains and spend the day with Fuencisla and Jose

Day 3: Cárnaval – Hang out in Cádiz center for the final day of carnaval

Day 4: Depart for Morocco – Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier, Train to Rabat, Bed & Breafast

Day 5: Explore Rabat – The Medina, Chellah, Place Petrie (meeting place of J&L), Chez Paul (French restaurant), Las Oudayas, Oulja

Day 6: Depart for Spain – Final Rabat exploration, Train to Tangier (maybe coffee in a WW2 spy meeting place), Ferry to Spain

Day 7: Hang out in Conil and surrounding areas!

Day 8: Gypsy Market and Depart for Córdoba, coffee break in Carmona

Day 9: Explore Córdoba with Jose and Maria, Meet Juan’s family

Day 10: Final Córdoba exploration (early morning Mezquita), Depart for Granada

Day 11: Explore Granada – Depart for Conil

… so far that’s it! We will leave the last few days up to them!


5 thoughts on “How to Tour Andalucia and Morocco

  1. I think it’s so cute that you have all the details of your two weeks all planned out. Are you a planner, Lindsay? I thought you were more spontaneous than that. You’ve got a good balance of both, eh?

    Have a really fun time with your family!

    Love ya,


  2. Aerie and I were talking about you tonight. He was telling me about that time you ate a maggot. I totally don’t remember that. YUCK! Did it make you sick? What did it taste like? Hehehehehe.
    How old were you when you did that? You should post on that one 🙂 lol

  3. Tracy, it just shows I can plan when I have to! This situation definitely called for it ’cause it wasn’t just Juan and I who were involved! We had to meet family in different locations, eat meals and see tons of places. It was hard work but totally worth it! I think one of the best days was having breakfast with my parents outside Granada with an open map explaining routes home. They said they wanted to do Gibraltar so we did – it was fun! I’ll tell the maggot story someday, promise.

    Sarah, I really feel lucky to be able to live in such a great place!

    Lori, I loved seeing my parents again! It was really special to have them here.

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