back att’er

me and the parents

So the blog has been on a bit of a hiatus since my parent’s visit! My last post described our ‘plan’, it was as jammed packed as I could manage! I figured it took me a few years to get them here, so I might as well show them everything I have fallen in love with about Andalucia and Morocco! Thank goodness they had a great time (Juan and I loved every minute). They are probably relieved right now, lying in bed resting, thanking the good Lord I am not there to ask them if they want to climb another hill to see a great view. Ok, I was a bit of a slave driver making them walk a lot and drove them around like cattle, it is true. The definitely didn’t come to Spain to sleep. My parents took over 2000 photos.

Other than being tired, things are good. I took Reyes to the vet today so she could get a vaccination and a microchip put in. It wasn’t pleasant for her – but she did get a really cool EU pet passport out of the deal. I am back to cleaning the house today. I also made a resume in order to apply for some retail jobs here.

Cést la vie ici.

6 thoughts on “back att’er

  1. Lindsay!!! I am so excited to see you!
    Do you think you will still have enough energy for us??
    we leave in 11 days, and Cam can’t stop talking about it – its great!
    we got a message from you yesterday – but it was very fuzzy – could only recognise your voice – not actual words, oh skype

    I have very much enjoyed your blog, where have you applied to work?


  2. Ang,

    you cannot understand how excited we are to have you guys come here! Now that my parents (ahem, guinea pigs) visit went well, we are so ready for other visitors! I even got my mom to go to a flamenco show. Are you ready for that?
    Ya, that was me trying to leave you a message – stupid skype! Hopefully we will be able to catch you guys soon though – we wanna chat.
    I am applying for retail jobs – clothing and jewelery stores! Hopefully I will get some sort of discount…

    Love you!

  3. Ang, Are you going to put eggs, onions and carrots in Lindsay’s water that she’s boiling for tea too?

    Juan has been fair warned to watch out for you.

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