Some Photos of Our Trip

Here’s the MacNeils enjoying a meal on our terrace.

terrace eating

Here’s us in Cádiz.

macneils in cádiz

Here is me upon arrival to Rabat.

lindsay rabat gare

Here is my Juanito in a beautiful place called Chellah in Rabat.

juan chellah

Here is me playing photographer.

lindsay picturing

Here’s my in-laws in Carmona.

los morenos

I would love to post more pictures but we couldn’t end up transferring the 2000 photos we all took to our computer the night before my parents left! The above photos were all taken with Juan’s lovely, little phone.

5 thoughts on “Some Photos of Our Trip

  1. Hey Lindsay,

    Even though we were your guinea pigs, we had a great holiday! The best part was getting to spend time with you and Juan and we know we saw far more than any average person on a holiday did.

    We did lots of walking but it was worth all that we saw! Like we said, we weren’t there to sleep. We were very excited to see the way you are able to translate and navigate at all the different places. You truly are a seasoned traveller!

    We love you both and are proud of all that you have accomplished already!

    Cam and Angie, I know you’ll have a great time! Andalucia is a great place!

  2. Hey Mom, we had such a great time having you – it’s sad you are gone! You guys were the guinea pigs only because you were the first to come! We pulled out the big guns and made you try everything. Hope you are all rested up again.

    Maria, I am sure Mom would love Barcelona, and you know that I will go almost anywhere!

    Laura, we had a great time. Sounds like your vacation was really nice too!!!

  3. Maria,

    Barcelona with you and Lindsay sounds like a great time! Don’t know when though! Hopefully we’ll see you guys in Alberta before that!

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