the blues and happy news

Every once in a while I fell a little sorry for myself. I look at my life and think about people I have met along the way and I wonder about them. I grew up in a smallish neighborhood where I played on soccer teams, swing sets and hung out at the pool with tons of kids. I never graduated with the friends I went to high school with for 4 years because we left for Alberta. I only went to high school for one semester in Alberta to finish up courses to graduate (luckily I met some great people there). I went to a large church and their small elementary school. Who knows where these people I spent time with growing up are now?

Over the last few years I have resorted to googling names without much luck. Yesterday I signed up on Facebook and I am able to  look at pictures of people I haven’t seen in years, it is amazing (and I am now addicted)! I have already been accepted as a freind by 24 people! I’m obviously a geek, but Thank-You Facebook. (now get yourself an account, if you don’t already have one, and add me as a friend)


5 thoughts on “the blues and happy news

  1. Good for you trying to keep up with your friends from a young age. I have often regretted not keeping up with many of the people I enjoyed knowing from my university years in the States.

    However, I had great news on coming back from our trip. I had a girlfriend, Lori, from Herschel, Saskatchewan come to Wyoming with me in my second year of College. She eventually went to live in South Africa and has lived there for 30 years.

    Auntie Barb met her at the hospital in Kelowna and made the connection – both of us being French Horn players. Talk about a small world! So now hopefully the next time she comes to Canada I will be able to connect with her.

    You never lose your friends forever!

    Love ya! Mom

  2. Cool Maria! Thanks for the link.

    Ma, it’s true that you never loose a friend. It’s so amazing to see photos of all these people from the past!

    BTW, I am up to 40 friends and I have joined 7 groups (including You Know You Are Awesome Because Your Name Is MacNeil!)

  3. Hi Lindsay!

    I joined Facebook 1.5 days ago and I LOVE it! I’m so addicted already too! I must be a geek too, hehe. I already have 28 friends. Okay, do you find this is like a competition to some people… you know, who can get the most friends?! Everytime I get a new friend, I’m like “Oh yeah, oh yeah!!!”… and then I do a happy dance! HEHEHEHE! I like to see my friends growing, but it seems like the more mine grows, the more everyone else’s grows!! AHHHHH! I WANT TO WIN WIN WIN!!!!

    Okay, see I told you I was obsessed! No, I didn’t tell you, did I. Okay, well now I’m telling you.

    xox trac

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