The double-book

Isn’t it a pain when you accidentally double book your time? Today I had a class with a new English student and I also was asked for an interview at a clothing store. After I got off of the phone with the manager of the clothing store and digested the conversation, I realized the mistake I made. I couldn’t decide what to do, ask the store for a later meeting or change the class time.

In the end I went to the store early this morning and had the interview. I have the feeling I won’t get a call back though.  And this afternoon I waited for for my student at the cafe on my street –  too bad she forgot about the class.


4 thoughts on “The double-book

  1. Hey, What´s the matter about the interview? Why are you thinking they won´t phone you back?
    This afternoon I have an interview for a very importat job here in Cordoba. I´m sure I´m not the best candidate, but have to try.

  2. Tough choice!

    Too bad about the class… nothing more frustrating than sweating a double-book then to have it not matter!

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