Today …

is the day!

I have wanted to do something for a while: take off my jeans and sweater and tan on on our terrace! The wind has died down a bit and I’m gonna do it. Stay tuned for bikini bottom tan lines.


2 thoughts on “Today …

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    It’s so nice that we have a visual now of where you live. Your terrace really is a wonderful, quiet place to spend time! Enjoy it while you have it.

    Love ya! Mom

  2. lil miss lindsay!!!! I cannot believe you are all grown up living in spain and you arte married! You haven’t changed since the minute I met you, the same cutest button nose and beautiful face. You were the sweetest girl ever! It is so nice to see that you are doing so well and that you are living life to the fullest! Kudos to you sista for traveling the world and loving every minute of it!

    I don’t have ablog or anything but I will check you out on Facebook soon.

    Salinna (Lachance) Burns (from LCA/TLC) 🙂

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