hugs and kisses

Earlier today I read Lori’s most recent blog post and then discussed it with my husband.

With all my heart I swear I never thought about the whole frontal contact that two huggers share. As a woman, my chest is an extension of my body, just like an arm or leg.  After reading what she wrote I immediately gave Juan two hugs – he could tell the difference! How naive I have been.

In my defence I had the best interest in heart. I was completely opposite of the guys Juan went to high school with who would strategically hold the strap of their backpack while they hugged their girl friends.

Since moving here I don’t give half the hugs I used to – maybe I should rephrase that to since moving away from Ottawa (and TLC). I bet that on any given Sunday I would give over 25 hugs!

I admit I sill love a good hug. I should also say that I find side hugs false.

Here, when we greet someone we give two air kisses (with cheeks touching). It was a little strange when I first moved here, people (usually strangers) coming at me with their faces first. Sometimes it’s a little awkward too, like if you get new sunglasses and you are trying not to poke your husband’s grandma in the eye. Despite giving kisses the Spanish greeting is safer because you aren’t gonna poke someone with your breast!

One thought on “hugs and kisses

  1. You are funny… I agree that side hugs are not really hugs at all… yet better than full frontal hugs… HE HE… ok now that sounds like something out of a porn film… But seriously a hug is just a hug and it’s a beautiful thing:) And you are a great hugger…

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