I think I need to get out more ….

create your own visited countries map

The above map represents the countries I have visited (in red).

I would love to spend time in Argentina, India, Croatia or Vietnam! Why can’t Juan and I be independantly wealthy and just spend our time travelling? If I won the lottery the first thing I would would be to strap Juan and Reyes  in our car and burn all road maps! We could drive all the way to China or buy a vineyard in France or be an extra in a Bollywood movie.

It is just impossible to stop thinking of destinations.

2 thoughts on “I think I need to get out more ….

  1. Hey Lindsay!

    I did that map thing too!!! it says i’ve only travelled 9% of the world which sounds so sad!! Even though everyone says that i travel too much… tough to figure that one out!! Anyways, i agree with you completely!! Its too bad that i don’t have some extra cash or time on me to be able to travel “the world”… and a bollywood movie?!?! haha i didn’t know you were in that sort of thing… lol jk

  2. Thats the thing about travelling, once you start it’s freakin’ hard to stop! And about the whole bollywood thing – come on, I don’t believe for one second that YOU would turn down an opportunity like that if it presented itself, I sure wouldn’t!

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