Saturday Morning Sunshine

Today was a perfect morning. Juan and I woke up late and decided to go out for toast and coffee. Being adventurous we tried a new bar on the calle Cádiz and it was nice! This street is the pedestrian street of Conil and it’s filled with jewellery stores and bars, pretty much. Since we brought the hound we took a little walk around and found a woman selling veggies out of her patio. Oh, everything looked so good. All that she was selling was grown out of her land on the countryside and she makes cookies too! We bought potatoes, a baby garlic and some oranges. This summer she will be selling all types of fruits and veggies – I can’t wait to go back.

Juan has just purchased a moto so we went for a little ride. Personally I am not a big fan of motorcycles, but it turns out he is – so I am happy for him!

I went to talk to a school in Cádiz on Friday about becoming a flight attendant. Here in Europe you have to take a 3-month course. I think it would be a neat job, but the school couldn’t convince me that I could get a job without a European passport and that a there is an airline base close to where we live. Hmm. As it turns out my father in law is friends with someone who is high-up in an airline, so I think we have a meeting on Monday.

I have a couple of drafts I haven’t finished and published on my blog yet, sorry.

Right now the weather is beautiful and I am content.

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