Here’s a look at our life in Spain. These are random photos from the last three months.


The most exciting thing to happen in the previous months has been having Ang and Cam come and visit. This is the Plaza de España in Sevilla. Some part of some star wars movie was filmed here. It was the end of our trip and I think Angie and I finally nailed our pose.

sneaky dog

In Málaga we found this cute patio with exciting beverages. Even the dog thought so.

Quite often (at least every six weeks,I’d say) Juan and I head to Córdoba. This is mainly for family functions although sometimes it’s just to party, and eat, with the Córdobeses! I think we should just buy a place there. Luckily Juan’s aunt María Jose is super kind and easy going (we pretty much have a room at her house). This is me, Reyes and Jose (Juan’s brother), he is our closest familiar Córdoba resident. Cuñao…

juanito-new place

Another big exciting thing to happen to us recently is our change of house. Here is the first photo release. Tomorrow I’ll take more as it has to be spotless for a visit. Juanito is hard at work.

short end of the stick

Juan and I went to the Mexican restaurant in town with his mom after a Sunday walk one day. I went to the bathroom and look at their drinks compared to mine! Short end of the stick, or what.


For those of you that have never visited, here is the closest plaza to our house at sunset. To the left is a church in restoration and straight ahead is the Torre of Guzman. Plazas are very important in Spain, it’s a place where people meet, relax, people watch or flirt with passersby. When houses didn’t have patios or terraces terraces were a great place to escape the summer house heat and chat with neighbours.

el puerto_feria

Juan and I recently met for lunch with some old friends of his and then we all went out to the Feria (Fair, in English). It was a great day! We had lunch at 1pm and only got in the car to drive home at 12:30pm. Sandra made octopus and stuffed us full!

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