a little honesty please

I am at a bit of a crossroad now. Actually it is more like a dead end. What I really need to do is hack down the traffic sign preventing me from going further and forge my own path, which ever direction that might take me. I also promise to stop using cliché road metaphors.

Juan constantly reminds me of his time in Ireland where he was able to get a job once he decided to stay. It wasn’t glamorous, it was more the dish-washing / bus-boy thing we have all done. In the end though, it was perfect for him. Despite the fact that he didn’t understand most of his interview, at the end of his contract he came out with a lot more English vocabulary (and Italian, but that’s a different story). I am proud of him. If it wasn’t for his perseverance with this job he might not have had the courage to apply for a whole university year in England. And could our relationship have survived with only a smattering of languages – English is our language of communication. In the end he went to the new country and pushed through and made it.

When we left Canada last August we both had pretty good jobs. In fact, I was in consderation to work at one of Calgary’s largest post secondary institutions. Juan, though, had an amazing opportunity to come back to Spain, there was no way we could refuse it (hello, Spain!). I figured I would find something. In the end, the job disappeared when he arrived and now he is working with his family, again.

Things are working out for Juan with his current work. Because it is family he sometimes works odd hours, but he also has time to study to apply for a Government job which would bring great benefits.

I, on the other hand, haven’t found what I am looking for. Probably I am being too picky. Probably I am not trying hard enough. I fully blame myself. Right now though, I would gladly be a dish washer. In fact, I need to find something or we will have to move out of our spacious apartment. I feel depressed.

While I know I am a great employee, it is hard for me to believe that I could be one here. First of all, I don’t speak Spanish fluently. I can get along fine in present, future and present continuous tenses, but throw a little past in there and that’s where I stop (this is with some exceptions for commonly used verbs, of course). I have no doubt in my mind that I will learn though, I speak the language every day. I have even picked up many of the local colloquialisms.

My biggest dilemma is that I have no idea what sector I would like to work in. Could I see myself in Real Estate? Would I like to work in a hotel? I have applied to many types of jobs. I even had an interview once, to work in a clothing store – they didn’t call me back.

So I have obviously been having a pity party for myself these last few months and it is time I get out of it – hence this blog post. I want to face the music. This is your chance, slap your friend upside the head and tell her to get to work! Give her an idea. Tell her what you could see her doing. Anything, please.

Some ideas I have had so far: take a course to become a chef, or a flight attendant.

While I like my private English students, I can’t see myself teaching full-time right now. I would rather be out of the house, speaking Spanish and meeting new people.

10 thoughts on “a little honesty please

  1. I feel so sad reading you, but remains myself when I started looking for a job here in Cordoba.
    The hardest of this kind of situations in my opinion is that It doesn´t depend totally on you.
    In any way, I know Cadiz is a very hard place to find a cualified or noncualified job, but you will find it, sooner than you think.
    Lindsay I read your resume and you have many posibilities to find something funny, well paid.
    When I was in Madrid very very mad in one company, I used to thougth about cook for people or restaurant, doing cakes, because I like cook, but you could be a baby sitter of galgos or dogs in general, take them for a walk, during an hour and be paid for that.
    In other hand, If you need help please, ask for me.

    Love you 🙂

    PD. it´s the fisrt time I see you mad, waw!

  2. Maria,

    you have offered me the most support so far! Thank-you for everything you have done! Please don’t feel sad, like I said, I am mostly to blame.

    Anyway, I just sent my resume and cover letter to a real estate agency here in conil that always looked neat to me when I passed it walking. Maybe I could make the agents coffee, sweep the floor or something!

    I have to work harder, it is clear. And again thanks for your encouragement.


  3. Hey,
    I have an ex-boss who is making his own web bussines, He needs people to be working from their home, for few time, maybe 2 or 3 months, that can give you time enogh to be with uncle larry.
    Are you interest on?

  4. Lindsay you have so many great skills and good work experience – you will find a job! You need to get your resume out to many, many places so that eventually you will get to pick the job that appeals to you.

    I know you can do it! Stay positive, chin up, get out there and try for anything. It’s always easier to find the job you really want when you are already working. You never know where the advancement will come from once you start working either!

    P.S. although it will be great to spend all the time with Uncle Larry and Eug, you really can’t put that in front of the good for you and Juan! It will all work out one way or another – I’m sure they can entertain themselves for days at a time if they have to! You can guide them from home if necessary!

    Love you, Mom

  5. While not impossible, a couple travelling from city to city, or in your case country to country, makes it much more difficult for one to follow a set career path. As one part of the couple moves for a job, it requires the other person to be more flexible in their choice of job. Ask me, I have done it for the 26 years of our marriage.

    I quit teaching successfully in order to raise our family. When finances got tight in Mississauga I left our children with a wonderful Christian Mexican frient and went back to teaching. We then moved to owning a business in Ottawa in which I tried to work around the kids’ schedule and be a mom also. During that time, there were many thanks to friends like the McNulty’s who helped us out many times by taking the kids home when I didn’t to the school on time – I think they were your second family during those times!

    I went back to school and retrained in computers in my 40’s and had to take various not-so-lovely jobs as was required by our situation at the time.

    My toughest decision to move was our move to Calgary when dad was offered another good job as I felt it was too much for me to go through the job hunt and new new job again. However, I truly believe that the Lord honoured that decision in allowing us to get a home in a lovely location, in a city with a great economy and my boss offereing to let me take my Edmonton job to Calgary.

    While the employment situation was better here in Calgary for Juan, you can still appreciate the fact that he had language barriers to cross also. Dad and I were very impressed with your Spanish skills! I know you know that you have more to learn but that will come!

    I just know that you have the skills, work ethic and personality to do whatever has to be done at this time!

    Good luck with the interview tomorrow. Always love you, Mom

  6. too bad I can’t edit all my spelling mistakes above! wrote it quickly and din’t reread it I guess.

  7. Lindsay, Any company worth it’s while will recognize the amazing person you are and hire you!!

    It is tough when you throw in another language. Perhaps teaching full time for a short period will give you the necessary language skills to put you over the top.
    I don’t know anything about spain or its geography… are there any western consulates near by? Hair Salons?? That would give you GREAT opportunities to learn more spanish

  8. OH, and I forgot… God has your back! He will provide. I am watching some friends walk through a stretching time with finances as well…. they are getting to know the “more than enough” side of God.

  9. I wish I was there.. I would take you through all kinds of fun exercises to help you figure this out… actually maybe I can still do it with you over email… Give me some time to pull it together… I will send your first exercise soon.

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