Some things I have learned this week and an update

  1. Juan and I can go out to eat and get stuffed for $10 euros, that’s including beer folks. The waitress even let us bring Reyes into the joint! This last tidbit of information might say something about the kind of place it was, or the food that we were eating, but let’s not forget the point: cheap eats!
  2. The Patagonia region of Chile is second after Norway for salmon production. This really shocked me!
  3. Children under 12 only count as 1/2 people in a vehicle in Spain. For example, in a car with 5 seat-belts it is legal for 3 adults and 4 children under 12, including the driver, to ride around town!
  4. My large hunting dog is scared of a cat. When a visiting cat came over she hid underneath the desk where Juan was sitting. This cat was not even fully grown.


It is Tuesday afternoon and I am finishing off my lunch. After I shower I will drive over to Chiclana and pick up my Juanchito to go grocery shopping at Carrefour. The bare fridge is screaming at us to fill her up! We shouldn’t buy too many perishables because Juan is leaving for Madrid tomorrow with his father for a business trip. I will only get to see him again on Friday in Córdoba.

For these few days the bed will feel enormous and I will be forced to eat alone. When I leave Juanito to go gallivanting with tourists around this marvelous country he usually goes to stay with his parents. I would invite his mom over for dinner, but I will be rejected because the 20 minute drive is too far at night or near siesta.

My plans are few for this week, study for my written drivers license test and apply for more work! Anyone wanna come over, hang out in pj’s and eat ice-cream?

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