Córdoba June ’07

So I got my first sunburn of the year! It’s on my shoulders and not painful. I am happy to be finally getting rid of my white winter ghoulish glow. While many people tout the benefits of sunblock I am more partial to go without. I believe it is the lesser of the two evils. Imagine what kind of chemicals they but in those plastic bottles to ‘block’ the sun. Scary. I believe the first burn is necessary. I also believe I am lucky to have yellow tones in my skin which make tanning instead of burning much more likely.

Juan and I just came back from a great weekend in Córdoba. It was so relaxing and fun! Mis cuñados (that’s my brother and sister in law in English) have a beautiful apartment with a huge terrace and a pool. Not only that, but Jose sings and plays his guitar for us and Maria is an ace in the kitchen. Even Reyes thinks so; she tried to get the strawberry cake but ended up breaking the casserole dish on the tiled floor.

Córdoba is a beautiful city. If I had the chance I would live there. While leaving the city yesterday at 8:30pm it was 33 degrees Celsius.


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