summer heat

Well, it’s summertime in Spain! I love feeling the sun on my back when I am walking. I laugh a little to myself when I go to a café and think about how it’s too hot to order a coffee, but then do it anyway. I do feel a little bad for my trusty hound who has taken to panting when we walk during mid-day.

I have applied to hundreds of jobs, ranging from being an account export manager to a waitress. I don’t know what’s wrong, but hopefully something will pop up shortly.

Juan and I had a friendly discussion about the treasure hunters who have just looted a sunken Spanish galleon. He thinks that the treasure hunting company hasn’t done any wrong. I think that anything of any worth belongs to the government of Spain. We are agreed on the fact that at least a portion of the artifacts should be used for education and public display. After our talk we watched An Inconvenient Truth. We didn’t have any opposing ideas after that movie. I really wish Canada could have fulfilled our Kyoto promises.

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