Calgary, Conil, Córdoba … we have a trend ladies and gentlemen!

After Juan and I first got married we lived in Calgary, Canada. We happily inhabited the city for two years. Last August we moved back to Spain. Briefly we lived with Juan’s parents in Chiclana while we got on our own two feet and found a place of our own. In September we moved into the first place we saw in Conil, a cute little attic.

Since January I have been actively looking for work. In desperation that I was going to go through another season without working I took two jobs for the summer. Both places were looking for someone to work every day of the week until September. My morning job was working at a store which sells a range of things from all over the world. My evening job was working at the cocktail bar underneath my house washing glasses. These aren’t the most glamourous of jobs, but they would help pay the bills.

This week things have taken a drastic turn though. Earlier in the week I went to Córdoba and had a fantastic three-hour interview with the director of a language school. He was looking for a director of marketing, and based on my experience in Canada at my last job I thought I had a chance. It turns out the directory of the academy was looking for someone with more formal training and hands-on experience, but he is willing to work with me and pay for training!

I am happy to announce that I have just accepted an excellent job offer in Córdoba. I move this weekend …


Juan also had a job interview yesterday in the province of Córdoba. It turns out they are offering him the job! So it is final. The Moreno MacNeils are moving the their third C city in almost three years of marriage!


3 thoughts on “Calgary, Conil, Córdoba … we have a trend ladies and gentlemen!

  1. God is good! Sometimes you just have to take that first step! We are very happy for you both! 🙂

  2. Hey Lindsay! Congratulations!! That is REALLY exciting news. I’m glad things are going well for you. It reminds me of Eric and I when we moved to Montreal after we got married, then moved back to Ottawa, it took a while for any doors to open up, but then all of a sudden everything fell into place. The days of waiting for things to happen were long, but now it all seems so long ago.

    By the way, last night we watched some sort of documentary travel show and they were in Madrid. It’s very beautiful, but the food they showed it SO weird…how do you do it?? Pig ears – ew!

  3. Ey Samantha, here in spain we call the pig tradiction, almost people love pig meat, not me. But it´s not the only food you can eat there. Madrid is more famouse for his tradictional spanish soups, “Cocido”, his “tostas”, slice bread with something very well made in the top and tapas of everything, fish, veg, omellette… come to see.

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