little late update

 meet the uncles

It’s the 23 of the month and I think I can honestly say I haven’t stopped since it started. On the first of the month me and my little red suitcase moved to Cordoba. On the second, I started my new job as the Director of Marketing for the oldest language school in the city.

I like my job a lot! My colleagues are all really friendly. I love living in Cordoba. Well, it’s hot – maybe that’s not such a great thing. Before you Canadians start complaining, it’s really hot, like 47 degrees hot! And I walk to work everyday, 40 minutes each way. Every weekend since I started I left Cordoba to meet my husband in Cadiz, on the beach.

My auntie Eugenia and uncle Larry came to visit us in Spain too! They arrived in Seville and we met them there and really had a great weekend!

On the 16th Juan started his job in Lucena, Cordoba (about 45 km away from the capital). He is the new Export Director for a chimney / fireplace company.

We also found an apartment. Not just any living space though, we will actually be living in a renovated palace! It has three bedrooms and will be very comfortable for us. The only thing is that it is in Lucena and I will have to travel to Cordoba everyday, which is crazy for a European.

This last weekend I had more fun with Uncle Larry and Auntie Eug travelling around Andalucia and Juan started moving us out of our beach house. The he joined us in Ronda for a night in a really unique hotel, Enfrente Arte! They loved Ronda, and now it is a must see attraction for any Canadian passing through our house!

I don’t know what I would say would be the highlight of their trip would be but let me just share some tidbits (although what happens in Spain stays in Spain): we got an impromptu tour of Seville by a real Sevillano, we were invited into the house of a stranger, we saw a drag cabaret show, we went to a nude beach, we met a real live cougar on the plaza overlooking the Alhambra in Granada, we got a tip for cheap silk pashminas, we stayed in an all you can drink hotel! I think we had fun.

Last night we arrived back in Cordoba and went straight to sleep. It was beautiful. Good thing Juan and I have vacation starting on August 11th!

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