Dear Abby,

        I have an awkward situation and I need some advice.

One of the most important things about moving to a new city is finding the perfect place to have coffee. I wake up early everyday and don’t have the luxury of someone at home making me coffee anymore.  I leave the house at about quarter to 8 and arrive downtown Cordoba by foot at about quarter after – fifteen minutes to spare before I start my big, bad director job. A time when I am definitely ready for caffeine.

I have found that many places here which claim to serve coffee actually serve burnt, brown, drudge which is a torture to drink. I have more than once left half a glass or more of that stuff, my head spinning, my stomach churning as hand over my change. I was delighted to receive a tip from a fellow connoisseur for a joint that is actually owned by an Italian coffee giant only a few blocks from my office.

The espresso served is excellent! They even accompany their drinks with a piece of dark chocolate – who doesn’t like that?

Last Friday when I went for my usual cup of joe I was greeted by one of the regular staff members. He confirmed my order as I took my seat. All was dandy until I went to pay and he insisted my beverage was on him. I had a twenty in my hand he wouldn’t take. Fine, if he insisted on paying for my coffee, that would be ok. To remedy the situation I attempted to buy a sandwich. Thwarted again, after asking if I wanted to heat it up, in a bag, and other normal take-out questions – this guy is going way beyond chivilrous now.

My problem is that now I feel awkward buying my coffee there. If this turns into a regular thing then I will be forced to find a new coffee haunt, and I don’t want to do that. What to do?


4 thoughts on “Dear Abby,

  1. Hey, not only did I get a coffee, but also a sandwich! Food and Drink

    Actually, I haven’t seen the guy agian. Maybe it was his last day… good thing I didn’t chicken out going back to my favorite coffee place!
    The staff now greet me with big waves and ‘holas’ everyday, they have also caught on to what I order daily!

  2. start to bring exact change plus whatever you tip,
    it helps you keep to your budget, and if there is any awkwardness, you can leave your change on the counter – insisting to pay,
    really though, it is okay to accept the occasional freebee – we give them out all the time, just to make sure you know you are noticed and appreciated!

    wish I could be sitting there with you…..

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