Necessity is …

… the mother of invention.

Look what I created for dinner with only a green pepper and zucchini in the fridge.


A lovely couscous dinner for two complete with champagne!

If you are feeling creative, it has: 1 old green pepper (coincidentally one of the last in the store), 1 zucchini, a few sun dried tomatoes (thanks Maria 😉 ), an expired vegetarian hamburger patty, couscous and some sunflower seeds to top.

The champagne comes from my uncle Larry’s trip to Spain. (although exact details about this particular bottle aren’t available as ‘what happens in Spain stays here.’)

Yum Yum

The evening was completed by a viewing of the Moulin Rouge, a movie which Juan had not previously seen. He loved it, and so did I for a third time.

One thought on “Necessity is …

  1. You are a very talented young lady! You can cook for me anytime – I love your cooking. Juan knows he’s lucky also!

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