6 month review

Friday marked the day that I completed six months of working at Academia Hispanica as the Director of Marketing. So far I really like my job, although life in general is not what I imagined. Since moving to Cordoba six months ago my life has changed drastically.

I started this blog living in Cadiz when I had a lot of time on my hands. Now as you can see I hardly have time to write. I do think about it though almost daily, as I walk towards Cordoba’s bus station after finishing a day of work.

Juan and I live in a city called Lucena. Just after I accepted my job he accepted an interesting job 70km away. (Funny anecdote: at the time he also had another offer on the table to work in Lucerna [or Lucerne as we say in English] Switzerland). The job he took turned out to not be so great. Unfortunately whats written on a contract is not always what’s reality. He was expected to work 50 hours a week when his contract stated 40, part of his monthly salary is paid under the table (screwing him over for any government benefits if he gets laid off) and many more unfortunate things.

Since I work in Cordoba I wake up a little after six am daily and I don’t arrive home until just before eight pm. I eat out daily. I used to love eating out but now I cringe when lunch time rolls around. When I arrive home we have just enough time to walk the dog, make dinner and go to bed.

There are many things I am thankful for though. The first is that Juan stood up to his boss and refused to work more hours than his contract states. (now he leaves at six pm) I am quite happy with my job as I am learning a lot. Our home is really great! I take the bus each morning with a group of really nice university students who make my early mornings enjoyable. We also have the chance to travel since we are both making more money.

So, what are our plans now? Find a place to live in Cordoba! Wish us luck.

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