I enjoy eating

Eating well promotes me to cook. After arriving home from a long day I love to open the fridge and make decisions about dinner (most days). I am spontaneous when I cook – I have probably never made a dish exactly the same twice. I don’t think I could, even if I wanted to. I also don’t follow recipes. If I don’t know how to make something I’ll look at 4 or 5 recipes and choose what I like, making a melange, out of all of them.

While perusing the grocery store isles before a visit from the ‘suegros’ for New Years weekend I decided to attempt to make a leg of lamb. Later, I casually mentioned it to my brother-in-law and  decided it was a possible dangerous decision on my part – lamb being my mother-in-law’s signature dish! (That would be like making cookies for Maria my sister in law 🙂 )Usually she makes it each Christmas, although this year it was a no-show on our plates. I would remedy the situation.

My first stop for finding recipes is usually http://www.epicurious.com. I have a strong connection to the websites motto ‘for people who like to eat.’ Once there I found this recipe, which as a base, turned out to be absolutely fabulous! I was slightly worried about semi de-boning a lamb (to make it fit in my counter-top oven), but it turned out to not be that big of a deal thanks to this guide.

I also decided to use my in-laws as guinea pigs for something else I have never made before, carpaccio. Mixing the three recipes on the back of the box I ended up serving it on lettuce, with sliced cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes and asparagus. I would definitely serve this raw beef dish again!  In the end we had a great weekend, filled with food, good wine and some ‘not so good’ singing. I also had luck with my grapes this year!

Happy New Year

2 thoughts on “I enjoy eating

  1. Now you have me thinking…. I have to figure out what carpaccio is. You are a great cook and I think it’s great that you are so adventurous! Sounds like the house you grew up in …………. never the same recipe twice – not even spaghetti sauce.

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