An update of sorts

So my life right now is not very conducive to blogging, and I apologize. I actually like writing a blog a lot, but I also like having the 2 hours I have every night with my Juanchito and he comes first.

Last week we were in Italy! It was bound to happen, but I have fallen in love with another Mediterranean European country. Who doesn’t like Italy? The food is amazing, the people are fun, its picturesque and it’s just a nice place all around! Too bad I caught the crazy Cordobes virus that was going around and ended up with laryngitis- in bed and on antibiotics on my first few days.

Here are some pictures:

Market in Verona

Verona’s Arena

Italian Wine Shop

Ciao Bello

Hey, its me and my new, cute, Italian hat!

Venice in all its glory – Rialto Bridge

View from Rialto Bridge

Gondolier and his clients


Gondolas off plaza San Marco


Juliet (with her shiny breast) in fair Verona

The ever so popular love grafitti @ ‘Juliet’s House’ in Verona

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