A Legal Alien in Europe

There are some things that will forever pick me out as a foreigner (yes, I do have a couple red and white flags sewn on my backpacks), but I am talking about more than that.

The other day my brother in law said I had less of a ‘pinta guiri (foreigner look)’. I am not sure if he was joking or not but it brought a skip to my step. I have been waiting a long time for that day! I like being a Canadian, but I’d like to fit in while living in Spain. See my adaptions (and un-adaptions) below:

European: Fruit is a great dessert after a meal.

N. American: I prefer to eat my fruit with my hands instead of a fork and knife. (This is impossible at some places and I must conform to eating an orange or apple with cutlery. It takes me 3 times longer and sometimes I shove huge pieces down my throat while Juan’s granparents aren’t looking.)

European: I like my coffee short and strong.

European: I believe in a cheese course!

European: Siesta is an integral part of the day.

N. American: What do you mean I can’t buy a stamp? It’s 4:30 in the afternoon!

I should mention that some of these are more Spanish, wait I’ll go a step further and say Andalusian, and that maybe I wouldn’t have such problems in England or Germany. I love living here though and I don’t giggle so much when I hear Sting’s song now, I sing along.


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