Our Trip to the Basque Country

getaria    lintxi in france

barbara, lintxi, erik



barcos donosti


We just walked in the door after driving over 2000km in five days (pretty good for a non-Canadian). Juan and I went with his cousin Barbara and her boyfriend Erik to his home town Oiartzun in Pais Vasco in the north of Spain and had the most amazing time! I loved every minute of the trip, from Erik’s great family (that we stayed with) and friends, to Donostia and Hondarribia’s beauty, to all the txacolis, patxarans and apple ciders we drank!We:

* experienced the first snow of 2007/08

* saw some Basque ducks (possibly geese 😉 )
* now understand the words: Txotx, Ama, Agour, Eskerrik asko, Mesedez and a few more … (more on the language: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_language)

* smoked cigars

* fixed Juan´s glasses, bought lip gloss and visited a market in France

* went to a cidery (which really deserves it’s own post)

…and much, much more! (photos to come)

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