an update of sorts

Well, life goes on and so must this blog – so I figure its time for an update on my life!

I think the most exciting news is that I am an Aunt (should that be capitalized?). I have two younger brothers and one of them, Ryan (and his lovely wife Amber 🙂 ), has decided to procreate. Welcome to the clan MacNeil little Kinley:

Juan has been travelling a lot for work. He has been almost a week in each Italy and Hungary. Next week he is supposed to be in Greece. I have learned a few things about myself being alone and lets just say I am so happy to have Juanito in my life. For example: I have no idea how to cook for one person! When I do I usually make way too much and have to eat the same thing all week long. This time though I didn’t even really have any motivation to cook, its no fun without someone to say that they like what you made.

It has been raining all week here in Andalusia. One night there were thunderstorms. Somehow she has learned to become scared of them. At 2am she woke me up pacing, panting and crying. No fair – this wasn’t a problem for her before.

I found a hilarious website which I was up till late reading (and laughing) last night:

Postcards From Yo Momma

I also bought an amazing ‘traje gitana’ (flamenco dancing dress for you anglo-parlantes). You’ll have to wait for a proper all dolled up picture. Maria came with me and I think we are gonna be the prettiest gypsy-girl wannabes at the fair!

One thought on “an update of sorts

  1. Tita Linchi, Kinley is pretty, pretty, pretty.
    I can understand you when you have to cook for yourself, I usually finish buying prepared food, as gazpacho or pasta. I guess so boring eat alone.
    So.. Is Juan now overseas?

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