Spring has sprung a leak and language talk

It’s rainy today, again. That’s good for the earth and bad for me (ok, its actualy not bad for me, it just gives me a reason to complain). I don’t like getting drenched either before arriving to work (wet all day long) or before I arrive home (wet on the bus isnt nice either).

Good News: Juan comes home from being away for work (yes again!) tonight.

This time he has been in Greece, which I think is pretty neat. While I have this new ability to speak Spanish and enjoy using it as much as possible I like travelling every once in a while to a place with a foreign language – keeps things interesting. Even here in Spain it took me forever to learn simple thank-you in Euskera (that’s Basque). Its Eskerrik asko – first I thought it sounded like Madagascar (that didn’t really work), then I thought it sounded more like Escargot (en francais) which was better. Now I think it kinda sounds like You Scary Bastard said really fast– thank goodness I don’t have to use my version of the homonym. Anyway, I wrote Juan an e-mail and I realized I didn’t even know how to say hello in Greek! Maybe next time I’ll just have to tag along on one of these business trips.

On the subject of language I was floored this week when I learned of some long time English teachers who haven’t taught their own children the language! What a great opportunity these kids could have had, growing up speaking two languages. I am not sure of the reasons behind the decision to only speak Spanish and I am not a parent, so I won’t continue this rant – but come on!!!

Juan and I are thinking about upcoming trips. We’d like to go to Granada for the weekend as soon as possible and we have to head down to Cadiz soon to celebrate my suegro’s birthday. We want to get the most out of the May festivals in Cordoba and then the summer we are thinking about either renting a place in Morocco or camping in the north of Spain. Who knows what will end up happening.

I believe I am very lucky to live where I do. Spring is Cordoba is incomparable to any other place I have lived or visited! The streets really do smell like azahar (orange blossom) which is heavenly. Since living in Morocco has become one of my favorite scents (and tastes). Once the rain-rain goes away the sun comes out and that is when  I truly appreciate Andalusia.


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