long time no blog

It’s been so long since I have blogged I almost forgot my login and password – I’m serious. So while some people are putting their blogs to rest ( ): ), I am intent on reviving mine (or at least while my Juanito is travelling)!

Let’s see, by scanning the last blog title it was raining in dear ol’ Cordoba. Now ladies and gentlemen it is fully summer. And by that I mean I saw 47 degrees posted on one of those street thermometers (43 in the shade). Yes my dear Canadian friends, that is possible – in fact I have to tell Spaniards all the time that -40 degrees is possible. I much prefer +40, although minus the jeans I was wearing today.

In the news area, well I was at a wedding this weekend and it was amazing fun! It’s sad that sometimes you end up only seeing friends at occasions like Christmas and weddings – I guess that’s why we made the most of it at our dinner table (ole mesa chinaboquil)! I should preface this by saying that this was the poshest wedding I have ever attended. I have never seen so many ladies wearing hats in one place – it could have been Ascot! There were a lot of beautiful people – but I bet we had the most fun! We sang, we played with our napkins, we obliged the bride and groom to kiss, we made cava commercials, we smoked cigars (my sister in law and I were probably the only two chicas to smoke puros) – we had a blast! I’ll leave you with a few photos:

Some of the group

We wore our rings all night long! (I even woke up with mine)

Me and my babe

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