clean a little, clean a lot

Juan and I decided to do something for ourselves. Actually its something that I have been trying to convince him to do since we moved here. A few weeks ago he brought it up like it was all his idea, and I went along. So, TADA we now have a cleaning lady!

It actually makes a lot of sense considering: a) we both work fulltime jobs b) when we aren’t working we really don’t really want to spend our time cleaning c) we can afford it

My darling husband has many amazing qualities that any girl would want in a man. Three that I appreciate off the top of my head are the fact that:

1. He makes one hell of a ‘tortilla de patatas’

2. He manages our finances. He has stepped up to the plate on this one and I appreciate not having to transfer money from account to account or budget savings, make car payments, ect.

3. He takes great care of our pup. Despite the fact that I don’t think that he would choose to have a dog he has fallen in love with our girl. When she was really sick he really did a great job of taking care of her – giving her needles and standing in line at the vets office daily. She loves getting her daily pill from him because he makes sure to have her favorite cheeses on hand!

One thing my babe hates to do is iron – I suspect this is the straw that roke the camels back. Since he has a grown up job now he has to wear collared shirts and ironing is the bane of his existence. He even has a scar from an attempt to iron a shir on his upper arm (how many people can say that?).

We have had her come twice now and I have to say I am impressed! I love it – we have a cleaning lady!!!

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