international stockholm fun

We had a wonderful weekend. Well, Juan got sick, but that didn’t damper our moods. He also got a parking ticket … hmm. Still though, it was fun.

gamla stan
gamla stan

On Friday the people from Juan’s work decided to go out for a Thai buffet lunch and I tagged along. I am not usually a fan of buffet style dining, but I got over my issues and ate two plate-fulls. Peanut sauce, coconut rice, oyster sauce veggies – things I haven’t eaten in so long! I am so happy to be living in a multicultural country again. Afterwards we went to a coffeehouse in Gamla Stan (the old city) and stayed all afternoon! We made plans for the year (go skiing, IKEA, nordic spa treatments) and talked about lots of other stuff.

Then we decided we really couldn’t stay any longer and we headed back to the ‘ICEX apartment building’ (almost all of Juan’s colleagues live there)  for some wine. The embassy makes a shipment twice a year in which staffers can benefit from the tax free status (perfume, cigarettes, spirits – but I just care about it for the WINE). I think the next shipment is closer to the summer. After cracking a lovely rioja we made plans for a wine tasting night at ours! I can’t wait.

Saturday was our first wedding in Sweden! We were invited to a Spanish bar, Olé Olé, to celebrate the nuptials of Spike and his beautiful bride Sonia. Sonia made Reyes’ first collar back when we found her without one. She was living in Barcelona at the time – so it was nice to get to know her in person upon arrival in Stockholm! It was great to be there with them and their other international friends. There was a short and sweet ceremony with a funny lady judge, live music, delicious cake and a toast. Juan went home early because he wasn’t feeling hot and subsequently got a parking ticket at our supermarket while picking up an ample supply of juice, fruit and yogurt. We met a lot of really nice people. I even danced a round of Sevillanas…

On Sunday we had a bit of a relaxing day. I cooked a chicken, made soup and stock. We watched stuff on tv. Typical lazy day 😀

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