Welcome to Sverige, its time for your cervical exam

Juan originally complained after arriving in Sweden that he thought that it would be much more of an advanced country. He said that he hasn’t really been shocked at all like he thought he would. After talking about it a bit more there are some things that have  impressed us, compared to our former lives in Spain and Canada.

Canada: Juan’s Landed Immigrant Status, 9 months wait, +1,500$ CAD *

Spain: Lindsay’s Residence Permit, 6 months wait, 6.50€

Sweden:  Lindsay’s Residence Permit + Tax number, 1 week, 0€

Ding, Ding, Ding – we have a winner, folks! Not only did we receive both of our tax numbers (which you need for EVERYTHING in this country) within one week of applying, my permission to stay for 5 years (I think), as well as a card for non EU accompanying their EU partners, BUT this week in the mail I got a letter scheduling me an appointment for a pap exam! I think it was the only letter I got from the government which actually said the word welcome as in Välkommen till gyneologisk cellprovtagning! (oh yes, there is an exclamation point) Other than the date I had no idea what the rest said (one page double sided), because it’s in Swedish.

There was only one thing to do. Sheepishly I pulled out my letter for the Swedish girls in my Spanish class. Great way to make friends!  I could be wrong about this Gynekologisk business, right? Nope, and well, now I get to try out some Swedish stirrups. Welcome to efficient Sweden, where cervical cancer is a priority. Impressive.

* If I here anyone saying how easy it is to apply to live in Canada ever again… ARGH!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Sverige, its time for your cervical exam

  1. ya, but its so strange that before I have been there a month, or even have a doctor I have to go get checked for cervical cancer!
    it’s good, but kind of strange.

  2. It´s strange, but who knows, maybe you can ask your spanish classes colleagues if they know more about that fact. Like in Sweden are careing about that illness, more than others… Who knows.

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