Family Visit

If you ever told me that my southern Spanish mother-in-law would be the first to visit us in our northern European country (during winter) I would have thought you were crazy. But it is true, my friends. She arrives today!

I am excited to see what she thinks about our life in Sweden and what her conception about countries that have a real winters are. She is going to have to take off her shoes when she enters our house. By the end of her stay, maybe even her socks will come off too! My in-laws and the majority of our Spanish friends have this idea that it’s REALLY cold here. Yes, if you go outside in your underwear you’d be really cold. In our apartment though it’s not cold at all (and we can’t control the heat as it is done communally). In Spain I am a ‘friolera’ (ie. always cold) and right now I am sitting writing in a tank-top (sweating a bit, but don’t tell anyone). I couldn’t do that in the majority of our houses in Spain.

Our house is comfortable for us. We have everything that we need for two people and a dog. Plus it is decorated beautifully. It might be a bit awkward with three adults in the house though, considering the ‘forward’ design. (ie. if anyone has to take a shower the rest of should leave and walk the dog, haha) It will be interesting.

Some things we have planned for the visit:

On Friday morning I will take her to visit Skansen which is an outdoor museum. I think it will be like Upper Canada Village for those of you that know it. Old buildings from across Sweden have been brought here to give people an idea of how traditional Swedish life was. They also have a zoo! Some Spaniards from Juan’s work went and they were disappointed because the bears were hibernating. Hopefully we will see an elk, or something.

On Saturday we will be going on a three hour brunch cruise! Fuencisla wanted to eat traditional Swedish food and Juan loves buffet, so this is how we will spend our Saturday – eating and cruising through Stockholm’s islands. Yum!

So, that’s it! Until she arrives I will be busy cleaning 🙂

One thought on “Family Visit

  1. It´s really sounds Funny.- I guess what you say about the cold here in Spain. It happends the same in Madrid, cos everybody says we´re having a cold weather, that´s true but outside, nor at home.
    Anyway I´m hearing you talking about sweden and brings to my memory many goods things.
    So I´m anxious to hear what our in law thinks about your bathroom.

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