Wakey, wakey

Juan and I used to play a little game every morning. Juan would hide my alarm clock (old cellphone) and I would have to find it to be able to turn it off or press snooze. Just to give you an idea of how annoying this could get in the morning sometimes he would hide it  in a purse, or in the wooden closet underneath a pile of clothes.

Remember I said ‘used to’, well that’s because now this is not possible. Things got a little too creative last night  when Juanito decided to hide the alarm clock cell phone on a ledge high above our bed. Turns out that the ledge really isn’t a ledge and that it is an insulation wall or something, thus hollow. I think you get the picture.

Juan immediately starts laughing – probably thinking of what the hell I will do when I can’t find the alarm. In the end he told me (I knew his giggling could only mean bad).

The game I am stuck playing right now is when will the battery die on my poor, lost cellphone. RIP


4 thoughts on “Wakey, wakey

  1. Did you consider drilling a hole in the wall to retrieve the cell phone? I realize it’s an impending environmental hazard that’s sitting there… with its acid-laden battery that will at any moment leak harmful chemicals that could be ingested by unfortunate rodents eking a living in the shadows… Do something! Jeez.

    I surmise that this cell phone you got from Fido is lacking a modicum of sentimental value to you eyes.


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