mix up of ideas

Well its never fun when your significant other is sick; worse when they are suffering through the viral torture of chicken pox. It makes you stop and wonder how diseases were designed. Who sat down and said, “hmm, I think I’ll make it so that tiny blisters filled with a concoction of pus and virus, which itch to hell all (and I mean ALL) over the host’s body.” Luckily most people only get it once in their lives, thus I’ve also learned it is also cruel punishment (like they need another annoyance in their lives) to ask an adult sufferer of the disease “didn’t you have it as a kid?” Juan is doing better though, thankfully.

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I have meaning to write for a while and say that I think one of the reasons we enjoy our new life Stockholm so much is because of the people that we have met here. Very few we ‘knew’ before but all we hope to continue to consider friends for life. We have some great neighbors (Swedish and International, ok mostly International) that have made us feel very welcome in the little corner of our island. Just after a month after arriving we attended a wedding for some friends that I mostly kept in contact with on-line and never knew personally before coming to Sweden. Juan is lucky to work with a fun bunch of people who have we have shared some unforgettable nights with. This week I am excited to reconnect with a girl I went to high school with in Ottawa who just moved here. There have been others too that have gone considerably out of their way to help us adapt to life in this foreign country. Even strangers in the street are friendly and I expect that to become even more evident as the sun starts shining stronger.

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When you move to a new country its easy to think that you won’t have a problem finding work, especially when you come from a great job. Then reality sets in and you realize you were crazy to think that as you don’t speak the local language, plus you know you aren’t going to be there for long. Things we looking hopeless for a while, but I am happy to say that I have found a job! I will be working with a tourism company here in Stockholm for the summer. I am excited about it and think it’s an ideal work situation for me for now.


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