I feel that we have the perfect dog, really! She is amazingly adaptable to any circumstance we throw at her.


reyes and her bone
reyes and her bone



Reyes walked into our lives on Jan. 6th, 2007, in Córdoba, Spain. We have no idea what her life was like before because we found her alone in a downtown park. The common consenses is that she was a hunting dog owned by gypsies (at least that was what some waiter told us at one of our favorite cordobes tavernas). She didn’t have a microchip, but she did have some parasital friends. She jumped into our car like a pro and drank a bunch of water before we headed back to Cádiz. The first vet we took her to gave her a clean bill of health, except for a scratch on her eye. We microchipped her there an then and de-parasited her. We got her the appropriate collar and she became the talk of our little beach town. Through having her we were able to get three galgos out of some pretty dire circumstances. She loved running on the beach and rolling in the grass.


lounge dog
lounge dog



Then we moved to another province where both of us would be working. She had a little trouble adjusting to the new life (ie. ate a doorframe) but working with a muzzle, rescue remedy and lots of training she pulled herself together and learned to relax when alone in the new house. There we found a nice vet who spayed her and helped us through a pretty horrible discovery that she had leishmania. We all suffered through her twice daily injections, pills hidden in cheese (Juanito specially bought brie because she liked it best), flaky skin, creams, ect. It was so scary to think she might leave us forever (that was the first suuggestion of the vet). But she showed him and no one was more surprised when two rounds of treatment went by and we received the tests back which said she was clean! We have since taken her off treatment and regularily test her blood to make sure leishmania levels don’t rise again. She returned to running her heart out on the beach. This same vet, during her last visit, mentioned that her skull had been fractured at one point. Its true the top of her head was never exactly smooth. Also its likely that she has chewed something strong (like the chain that was imprisoning her) because her teeth had to be fixed too!

There was also the time that she escaped form our hotel room in Madrid and spent the evening in reception, giving us a major heart attack when we saw her behind the desk. She has always been a people person and prefers meeting new people to dogs any day.

Earlier this year we moved from southern Spain to Stockholm, Sweden. We bought our poor sun loving hound a jacket online and she happily hoped into the car for a weeklo!

She really amazes me because she is unfazed by riding the bus, the elevator or the metro train here in this big city! The same girl who prefered to use the stairs rather than the elevator when she first entered our hotel in Granada. (she has since become a pro at that too, thanks to one of our apartments, always rushing to be the first to enter)

We have no idea of how old she is, and it saddens me a bit seeing her go grey. She is an extremely effective silent communicator. I could go on and on about her! We love her so much and couldn’t imagine our lives without her! She amazes us daily.





¡Olé mi Reyes!

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