Stockholm Spring

Every once in a while you spend time with someone and then have a profound respect for your parents and the way they brought you up. I am so thankful that in my family we travelled and us kids were made to try new foods and weren’t sheltered. We were given a pretty long leash, but all of us kids had to do dishes, cook and had responsibilities around the house. We were encouraged to try new sports and activities. I believe all this has helped me become a well-adjusted adult. We all complain and compare new things to what we think is ‘normal’, but I told Juan that he can shoot me the minute I turn my nose up at a perfectly good vegetarian dish just because it has an ingredient I am unfamiliar with.

Thanks to peer pressure I am now enrolled in Swedish courses. 🙂 I think it’s horrible that I don’t have a strong interest in becoming fluent in the language of the country I am living.  Firstly, I am not sure how long we will be living here. Our current due date to leave is at the end of November 2009, but of course this could be extended if the right opportunity comes along. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Sweden, but I just don’t see us here long term. My attitude might be different as well if the Swedes didn’t speak such good English. Who wants to have  a conversation in a grocery store in muddled Swedish gained after a couple months of studying when you could ask and expect an intelligent response in English. I am intrigued in learning how languages work, so I think it will be interesting. Plus there is a lot of info on Swedish culture and maybe even field trips! So thanks dear friend who I was to accompany on registering – you didn’t, but I did!

I am now in the middle of some spring cleaning. Soon I start work, so I am trying to use my time to get some stuff done around the house. The sun has come out and it hasn’t snowed in a while, so I am putting my sweaters away and bringing out my summer stuff! This weekend I got a mild sunburn -ah, that’s the life!!!

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